I was born and raised in north-central Pennsylvania where I lived for over 40 years. In 2001, my wife Cindy and I moved to Jacksonville, FL, where we lived until the fall of 2010 when we moved to western Montana. Montana’s full. There’s no more room.

I dropped out of high school mid-way through 11th grade and have never looked back. I do not have any formal training or education beyond that, except for short, varied classes here and there. Virtually everything I know and have learned has been self-taught, which has been something of a struggle. It seems that I have had to learn by experience, the hard way, and life has dealt me some pretty severe lessons, but I am still here. And still learning. And finally beginning to understand the reason why I went through what I did and what I have to do with it. Perhaps this is what wisdom means.

Cindy and I have three children and seven grandchildren scattered between Pennsylvania and Florida. We have a dog (black Lab), who lives with us whenever he’s not living with our neighbor. We also have 32 chickens (Mitchell’s World Famous Montana Chicken Ranch) and raise a large garden each summer. We attend the Light of the Valley AG church in Stevensville. My work for the last 30 years has been in construction. I have been teaching myself to build websites and hope to turn that into an income soon.  Cindy is a graphics artist and does free-lance illustrations and paintings.


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  1. Linda
    Dec 07, 2012 @ 01:09:58

    Roger, you continue to educate, lift up and lighten my heart. You are making a difference with all that you write. Keep it up my friend, and Thank You! Linda


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