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All comments to this blog will be monitored in person and either approved and posted or disapproved and removed. The criteria are as follows:

1. Approval will be made if the Comment is respectful, upbeat, encouraging, well-thought, insightful, and/or contributes to the discussion in a positive way. Agreement with the topic related to the Comment is not necessary and, in fact, opposing viewpoints are welcome as long as they are written in a spirit of goodwill and peace. It should be noted that anyone who posts a Comment implicitly and explicitly allows other Comments in the same way. In the words of Jesus Christ, “As you give, receive.”

2. Disapproval and removal will be made if the Comment is negative, derogatory, sarcastic, hateful, racist, coarse, vulgar, et al., at the discretion and judgment of the Moderator. Profanity, obscenity, slander, and/or libel will not be allowed under any circumstances.


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