My Mission

This blog is self-consciously and unashamedly Christian. My mission in life is to promote and proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and King over every area of life, everywhere, at all times. He is, along with the Holy Spirit, extending His rule throughout time and history. This rule will continue to grow progressively until everything is brought under its sway and control. There is no place which is outside His rule, whether individual or corporate.

It is my desire that people everywhere seek Truth. Truth, however, is defined by Almighty God and His Word, and does not change. It is absolute all the time and never is relative to any given situation. Every question must be answered in the Light of His Truth. I do not recognize anything else.

Consequently, viewpoints which attempt to vigorously promote or condone other faiths or religions, i.e., Islam, Mormonism, Catholicism, Buddhism, cults, socialism, humanism, etc., will not be tolerated, except at the discretion of the Moderator and only under the limits of the Comment Policy.


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